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Training company launches interactive virtual training rooms

Training company launches interactive virtual training rooms
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Training company launches interactive virtual training rooms

5 March 2021

National training providers Live and Learn Consultancy has launched two brand new state of the art virtual training pods at the company’s head offices at Fox Valley, north Sheffield.

Live and Learn Consultancy currently deliver high quality face to face & virtual training for all companies in the UK to help reach their full potential.

The move to virtual training and coaching has accelerated over the last 12 months for many companies. However rather than your typical zoom interaction, Live and Learn Consultancy have now gone one step further with their virtual classroom experience to create outstanding learner engagement.

Both virtual learning rooms are equipped with specialist content cameras and state of the art smart boards to deliver a superior learning experience for employees nationwide.

The special pods have been installed in Live and Learn’s offices at Dransfield House at Fox Valley where the team deliver a wide range of training packages to companies across the UK. Where ever your team is in the world, they can access their live training day.

Head of Learning and Development Paul Kitchen:

“We have all had to diversify during the pandemic and to learn new ways of working.  Here at Live and Learn Consultancy, we wanted to really enhance the online experience for our clients and have decided to innovate and invest in the business to create our two new learning pods.

“This new technology means we can deliver high-quality training for all UK companies & can be accessed live, from anywhere in the world”.

“Moving forward, we are also excited to deliver a range of face-to-face training programs later in the year but its hugely important to give our customers a range of delivery options.

They reality is, by investing in your team’s skills, you significantly raise the chances of your businesses being successful.

Our goal is to help all UK business owners & managers to empower their teams with new skills so they can perform at a higher level within their job role.

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Choose from over 150 Courses!

With all the training jargon out of the way, what type of training courses are on offer to help empower your team? Well, they cover a diverse range of areas such as Leadership & Management, Wellbeing, Communication Courses, HR Courses, Personal Development, Customer Service and Sales Training.

Training services they offer include;

2 Hour Power Sessions - Quick interactive sessions.

1 Day Essential Courses - Equips your team with new skills.

Masterclasses - For those seeking to take their skills to the next level.

Coaching - For individuals or teams seeking to unlock their potential.


Picture shows Paul Kitchen, Head of Learning and Development and Donna Knowles, Learning and Development Consultant. 

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