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Our Green Credentials

Our Green Credentials

Here at Fox Valley we work hard to make sure we not only create a lovely environment for our shoppers but that we’re responsible in our approach to the environment around us and we do everything we can to take care of the planet.

Our green initiatives here at Fox Valley include six electric car charging points which were introduced this year as well as good public transport links, bike racks and LED lighting which are all on timers. Solar panels have also been fitted on the roof of the largest of the retail blocks at Fox Valley. We also work hard on our recycling policy and manage to recycle and repurpose on average 90-95% of centre waste using the on-site bailers – see what this means in numbers below:

Cardboard recycled per month Weight (in KG)
January 2023 2,840
April 2023 3,000

 September 2023


 January 2024


Total 12,090