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Regatta's GetOutside Day

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Regatta's GetOutside Day

30 Sep 2018

Regatta's GetOutside Day

On Sunday 30 September, National GetOutside Day, organised by Ordnance Survey, is aiming to get 1 million people active outdoors.

Even if itís just for an hour. Because we all know an active outdoor lifestyle helps you live longer, stay younger and enjoy life more.

In Britain today, there is an epidemic of inactivity and weíve all heard the shocking statistics and the impact it is having on our nation. Fewer and fewer people are getting outside and thatís down to a variety of reasons. 

But we all know the benefits that fresh air and exercise can bring and the impact it can have on our everyday lives.

So regardless of age, ability, gender or religion, letís get everyone outside. The clocks will soon be going back, the dayís getting shorter, so thereís no better time to put down those screens and spend some quality time with family and friends.

National GetOutside Day can be the catalyst we need to get the nation back on track & reverse the tide of inactivity.

The outdoors is free, the benefits are endless, so letís get everyone outside and have some fun!

To celebrate National GetOutside Day, Regatta will be offering 10% off in store on the 30th September to help you with all your outdoor essentials!

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