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Fit20 at Fox Valley Sheffield


Fit20 at Fox Valley Sheffield

Your Fox Valley fit20 studio is peaceful, stylish, inviting and exudes quality. The décor is clean, fresh and contemporary. From the moment you arrive, you’ll enjoy professional, individual attention and a welcome sense of focus.

The studio room temperature is set to a perfect 17 degrees, meaning there is no need to change your clothes! With workouts lasting 20 minutes, this is the perfect health regime for people with little free time! 



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Store contact info

Store contact:
Deborah Sparks-Kerss

Store address:
Harry Brearley House
Fox Valley
S36 2AE

Store telephone:
0114 288 8795

Store email:

Opening hours


30th April- Invitation Only Event
Bank Hol 1st May- Closed

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